About project

If a neighbor down the block is hosting a show with his own written songs, or if there's an open-sky screening of a documentary film in the park next week, or suddenly the echoes of a huge concert rumble through the city - how will you know about all of them? Even the biggest event flyers get buried underneath the volume of information flow, and sometimes finding interesting things to attend is harder than we would like to admit to ourselves.
We present to you a tool dedicated to helping people explore and experience social life more easily, finding something to do for any taste. It levels the playing field for finding the smallest, most unusual events, and the biggest, well-known gatherings. On the other hand, it helps event owners manage the visibility of their events and marks themselves as trustworthy organizers, having their own spot visible on the map.

Project goals

CARTEFETE is in a developmental stage. The page currently is a semi-functional DEMO version. Our next steps are directly dependent on the feedback we will be receiving.
If you are reading this page, you are part of a very small group of people who can see the first steps of CARTEFETE. Every idea, note, suggestion, or observation is vastly valuable to us, so there is no space to be shy here - every smallest thought can be sent to us via the form below, email, or other convenient methods for you.
Want to follow the progress of the project, keep giving feedback, and have special benefits at the final project? Leave your email, and we will make sure to keep you updated on the progress of CARTEFETE.
Thank you! The CARTEFETE Team.
Are you organizing an event or have you come across an exciting event that is not listed on our platform?